• Sales and Skills Training

    Sales Training and Coaching leads to:

    increased sales

    repeat buyers

    competent & confident people

    making sure opportunities are not lost

  • Customer Culture

    We passionately believe that when it comes to your customers you need to:

    Love to Serve and Serve to Sell

  • Company Culture

    We will help you to define your desired culture,  assess where you are now and help you close the gap
  • Developing Individuals

    Support and development for individuals 

    either in your organisation or  for you as a sole trader/small business owner

Hi and welcome

My name is Dawn Roberts and I’m the principal trainer, coach, consultant and public speaker of my company Outperform Training & Coaching.  For over 15 years we’ve been helping companies and individuals fall in love with their products, services and customers, resulting in motivated people, increased sales, happy customers and a growing business. I use the term ‘we’ when describing what we do as it takes a remarkable team of people behind me to help me do what I do, but rest assured, all services will be designed and delivered by me personally.

If this is something you are interested in, then you are in the right place to find out more!

We know it’s not enough to just give your people the tools to sell more, deliver a great service or create a desired company culture, it goes deeper than that, so our approach is different. We don't just deliver training and coaching:
We change mindsets
We unlock potential and get results
We don't settle for average (and by the way, nor should you!)
We don't deliver ordinary and boring
We dare to be different, and help you to be too

We know that every business and individual can unleash their potential with the right support. 

That's what we excel at. 

Are you ready for us? 

We specialise in 4 areas

Sales & Skills Training

Sales training gives you increased sales, repeat buyers, competent and confident people and makes sure sales opportunities aren't lost.                

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Customer Culture

Our philosophy is 'Serve to sell' and having the right customer culture in place is essential.  Loving your customer leads to loyalty, advocacy and sales. 

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Company Culture

We will help you to define your desired culture, assess where you are now and help you close the gap. 

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Developing Individuals

Every individual is unique and needs a tailored approach to development.  People develop at different rates and we support you from wherever you are on your journey.

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With 5 ways to work with us


Choose from a selection of our courses or design your wish list to make sure you get EXACTLY the training you need! 

The Rewire Coaching Process

Cut through the brain chatter, indecision, lack of direction and self- doubt to get the life, career or business you want AND access to practical tools, strategies and support that ACTUALLY WORK.

The My Coach Membership Package

A monthly training, coaching and mentorship package of support, tools and techniques that are tailor-made just for you (or your people), including a bespoke detailed action and development plan.

The Consultancy Support Package

The most effective way to achieve your business goals by combining project management, training, coaching and mentoring, either on-site or remotely (or a mixture of both) to suit your operational needs.

Speaking Events

Dawn is an inspiring and motivating speaker who helps organisations, teams and individuals to fall in love with their customers, products and process. She regularly speaks and presents keynote sessions at business events across the U.K. 

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Ian Buckley - Prima Software UK & Ireland - "Prima Software have used Dawn's services several times now and have found her training and advice pivotal to our growth. Dawn helped us establish our digital marketing strategy as part of a complete review as to how we were approaching sales and marketing and it has proven to be very successful ever since.

Since our first Sales and Marketing sessions with Dawn, back in 2016, we have grown our renewable revenue by over 80%.
Dawn's training helped our entire management team understand our customers and prospects on a completely different level, her straight talking and engaging style were brilliant match for our 'personality' and she feels like a part of your company when leading the sessions with the team.

Last year, we engaged Dawn to help us define our company mission, vision and values. This was an incredibly difficult task for us as a management team to get down on paper what was in our heads. Dawn understood how we felt and provided theory and mentoring sessions to help us identify, with clarity exactly what we stand for.

Since the Vision, Mission and Values were published, they have become part of our DNA, from recruitment through to everyday decision making. Dawn helped us break down a very complexed task and coaxed out our true beliefs as a business, things that we stand by, not what we think will make us look good from the outside. Thank you again for the direction on this project Dawn, you were brilliant!

Throughout all of our training projects and still to this day, Dawn provides an open door for us to contact her with any questions or to seek advice, she really does feel like a mentor who understands our business personally.

Engaging, energetic, understanding and innovative - I couldn't speak more highly of Dawn and Outperform Services."