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Why training tools don't work

There are plenty of training tools and books out there but if you’re thinking of investing in training, then there is little point in JUST giving your people tools for how to give a great sales and service experience. They know what ‘great’ does and doesn’t look like, they see it every day as customers themselves. 

It has to go deeper than that. They need to understand WHY they WANT to do it and develop the right mindset.

We are expert at changing mindsets, so if you're ready to go deeper and want to get your people more confident and competent  - we're your guys! 

Some popular questions about what we do: 

What will it give me? 

 Our training sessions give you the opportunity to get really up close and personal with your sales, service offering or company culture. You can use this information to improve processes, produce marketing material, update your website or in your sales conversations.

Is this right for me? 

We help companies of all sizes that want to give a great sales and service experience to their customers (without being too salesy!) and companies that want to improve their culture. We also help companies that don’t have the time and budgets for long winded training courses and programmes. We work with ethical companies that have a good offering and want help getting the right message to their customers and people. You can choose from a selection of our popular courses or use our Wish List Design Service to help you choose the right training content for your unique needs.

How can you do this in shorter timescales than other training providers? 

Understanding the essential elements to make your product or service attractive doesn't take long. You already have great experience as buyers yourselves. We just tap into that knowledge (and your own product knowledge) to help you understand the key elements and give you a deeper understanding of what makes people buy or not buy! We then leave you with the mindset, tools and knowledge you need to succeed. 

How does it work? 

We can deliver sessions on your premises, or at a venue of your choice.  We can do a whole day or a half day or even a working lunch if you prefer. If you haven’t got a whole team to train, then you are not alone. We have other clients in the same boat, and we bring them together in one of our open courses delivered online.

Can I speak to someone and get more information? 

Of course you can! Just click here to arrange a call with us.

Click here to see what other clients have to say about us and what’s different about us.

Other ways we can help

We understand the challenges of developing your people whilst managing the day to day running of your operation brings, so we offer a choice of 5 different ways of working with us to make sure that you get the best fit for you.