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For inspiration and guidance here is a brief overview of our popular courses.  Click on each one for more details or use or Wish List service to get EXACTLY the training you need. 

Sales Toolkit

Build desire for your products or services, stand out from your competitors and overcome buyer objections with the 3 essential elements of Sales and Marketing all in one course. 

Showcase Your Products and Services

Buyers have different basic needs and desires. In this course you will learn how your offering appeals to different customers and how to promote its best assets. This will help you build rapport and trust, increase desire and sell more. 

Beating Your Competitors

Today’s buyer is faced with so much choice it can be overwhelming. It is essential that the buyer quickly realises that you are the right choice and your product or service is better than that of your competitor. This course will show you how to gain a competitive edge.

Banish Buyer Fears

Poor objection handling can kill a sale. Successful salespeople use objections to their advantage and can even close a sale on an objection. Learn the tools and skills to overcome the most stubborn of objections, including those about price and competitors.

Negotiating and Closing Sales

Sales negotiation and closing can be the most anxiety inducing, stressful elements of the sales process. This course will provide you with the skills and practice required to confidently negotiate in any situation and close sales.

Maximise Opportunity and Build Customer Accounts

Building opportunity with existing customers and unlocking the extra potential in each sale, call or visit is the most time and cost effective way of giving better service to your customer and making each interaction more profitable for your organisation.

Create a Sales Campaign

Create and manage your sales activity for existing customers and new business. Knowing what you have in the pipeline and how to move it forwards help with cashflow and business growth giving peace of mind, increased motivation and a clear sense of activity and action.

Attracting New Customers

Buyers buy when they see a direct link between their need, goal or problem and your product or service - and when they are confident you are better than your competitor. Getting the message across that you are their best option leads to them buying from YOU specifically. 

Creating Spectacular Service

Deliver a service that will set you apart from your competitors. Poor or even average service is the number 1 reason customers WILL switch their business. Customers have high expectations of service and giving great service will give you the competitive edge.

Personal Power

Without sales, there is no business and to succeed salespeople need sales APPEAL, therefore it is essential that you invest in and develop YOUR APPEAL. This course is guaranteed to increase motivation, inspiration and confidence or your money back!

Delivering Memorable Presentations

Learn the skills, knowledge, techniques and strategies you need to deliver attention grabbing presentations with something to suit every member of the audience.  Ideal for those who have to give formal or informal presentations to a mixture of client types.

Superstars of Service

Customer service is the biggest protector (or assassin) of your company brand. (Think of the impact one scathing review on Trip Advisor can have on a decision process!) The key is in giving exceptional service every time. Give 1st class exceptional service to ALL your customers.

Sales Development Programme with specialist qualification

Unlike a standard sales qualification this comprehensive programme is centred around your specific products, services, systems and customers. With learning fully translated to your company needs your organisation will see the benefits right from the first session.

*NOTE: This is just a guide to some of the training and support we offer. There are other ways we can work with you to make sure you get EXACTLY what you need. 

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