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Sales Training

No one actually wants Sales Training - they want what it gives them: 

increased sales
repeat buyers
competent and confident people
preventing lost sales opportunities

Maybe you don’t have a sales team, or you need other people in your organisation to sell (customer service people, engineers, practitioners or other non-salespeople). Whatever your reasons are for wanting to develop your people, the real magic happens when you stop just giving then tools and techniques and get inside their heads!

If you think about how you buy and what is important to you when making a buying decision, it's unlikely that those gimmicky sales techniques work on you. Well, they won't work on your customers either, so we don't teach them. 

For any of us to feel comfortable enough to buy we need to have plenty of desire and no fear. So, that’s what we help you to focus on when promoting and selling your products or service.

We help you to understand what it is about your product offering that makes it attractive and help you to articulate that to your customer by looking at your products and services through your customers’ eyes.

Following the training you will understand what makes your customers tick and how they make buying decisions or what stops them from buying. This information is essential to your marketing and sales approach.   

Giving your sales a superboost doesn’t take long, in fact we have sessions that take from just half a day (focusing on the part of your sale that needs the most help).

We will help you (or your people) make your product extremely desirable and eliminate any fear associated with it. We leave you with all the tools and knowledge you need and you manage and control it from there.

Seems simple? That's because it is!

Other ways we can help

We understand the challenges of developing your people whilst managing the day to day running of your operation, so we offer a choice of 5 different ways of working with us to make sure that you get the best fit for you.