28.09.22 11:20 AM By Dawn Roberts

The only way to be truly and consistently successful at selling is to adopt a serve mentality

When you focus on how you are going to SELL then you are concentrating on your needs and desires. When you focus on how you can SERVE (show love to the customer) then you are concentrating on the customer’s needs and desires.

Now, if you are thinking I’ve turned into a love fest preacher, well I have and I am also a business woman and I need to balance all the serving and love with company goals, targets, KPI’s and managing people. Can you do both? Absolutely! It’s essential that you have them both and in balance. 

My fundamental requirements for hiring a salesperson are that they have EMPATHY and AMBITION. Being ambitious does not mean you want to achieve you goals at any cost. Combined with empathy ambition turns into a burning desire to help someone to the extent that you will only sell something to them if it’s the right thing to do and it serves them well.

Can you make money with this approach? You bet you can. Think of all the brands and service providers you are loyal to and love. I’m not talking about the ones you can’t be bothered to switch from, I mean your ‘go to’ brands and companies, the ones you choose again and again and spend your money with. They must be serving you well for you to keep going back and spending your money there.

So if you’re in sales then switch your thinking from ‘what can I sell today?’ to ‘who can I be of service to today?’ and see what happens!

My SERVICE criteria checklist is a great guide to keep you on track

Success driven – Be ambitious and always strive to do and be better for customers

Empathic – Keep your customers best interests at heart and understand what it is like for them

Results driven – Not just lip service, this is ensuring the customer gets visible results

Value driven – Work to your values and where possible work with people whose values mirror yours

Innovative – Think of new and exciting ways to help your customers and show them you love them

Consistent – Good service means getting it right every time, set service processes and stick to them

Evaluating – Review and get feedback, keep doing the good stuff and change the rest

Do all this and it will Serve You Right!