Customer Service is your business' baby

28.09.22 11:27 AM By Dawn Roberts

If you have ever brought a new born baby back home you’ll know that it doesn’t come with any training or even an instruction leaflet. The nurses pretty much hand the baby to you with the unsaid instructions of ‘keep it alive’. And that’s what you do. Guiding all your actions and decisions is the one directive ‘keep it alive’ even when you get to the toddling stage when the toddlers directive is to kill itself you still know that whatever it takes you have to keep it alive. So you bubble wrap all the sharp edges and barricade the stairs. We may all have different methods, but all parents are united in the one goal – help this child survive and thrive. So what has this got to do with customer service? 

Well, I’ll tell you!

When a collection of people are united in a common goal or objective that is big and emotional enough, it guides and inspires them to do whatever it takes to fulfil it. 

They instinctively know what is taking them nearer and what is taking them away from it, without days and days of training or constant supervision. They are steered, motivated and inspired by the enormity of the goal, it galvanises and excites them. This is what you need when it comes to giving the customer experience you really want to. The Sat Nav co-ordinates are set for success and even if they have to take a few detours along the way they will stay true to their destination.

To give your people a goal to deliver ‘world class service’ or ‘exceptional customer service’ is never going to do it. It will struggle to serve as an inspiring and exciting directive. It needs to go deeper than that and touch a nerve. Does yours?

Ask yourself these questions:

What EXACTLY is your goal or directive for the customer experience? 

Have you communicated it to ALL your people and are they excited by it? 

How do you know you are getting it right first time, all of the time, with every customer? 

Customer service is your business’s ‘baby’ and helping it thrive is absolutely essential.

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